Plate Joy takes the work out of planning to eat well.  They offer a completely customizable menu planning service based on the individual dietary needs of your family.  Delicious recipes for your week are compiled based on your specifications and come complete with an interactive shopping list.  You can even have the groceries delivered straight to your door!  This is the affordable way to make the dietary changes that lead to better health with a lot less work.  Dr. Westaway was so impressed with their ability to work with different diets and food restrictions that she decided to partner with them.  She also uses Plate Joy for inspiration as she feeds her own family.

Nutritional Supplements

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

If Dr. Westaway has recommended specific supplements to support your health, many of them can be ordered directly here.  She does not require you to purchase supplements through her online dispensary, but provides it as a matter of convenience for you to be able to access the brands she trusts.  She only recommends brands that test each batch of materials for purity and each batch of finished product for purity and potency.  It's important that you get what you think you're getting and many brands that are easy to find do not live up to this standard.


Eating healthy food with high quality ingredients can get expensive fast.  Thrive Marketplace is one way that you can get a lot of your kitchen staples at a more reasonable price.  They sell high quality brands with lots of organic options and many of your favorite snacks (even if you have a special diet like gluten free or paleo).  The 25% off coupon is for new members.  If you're already a member, the buttons below will get you a special treat.