Different Payment structures to fit your needs:

1. Membership based:  Here's the thing -  if you really want to transform your health, you're probably going to want to come in more than a couple of times/year.  The monthly fee plan is the best way to make the cost of your care predictable for the year and is designed for those of you who are really looking to dive in and make some changes to move toward optimal health.  It will cover most if not all of your office visits, phone calls, and emails for the year.  Some classes will be free for members.  Supplements and lab fees will not be included.  It is designed to give you significant access to your physician at a predictable discounted rate.  We have individual and family plans.  Basically, this is a screaming deal and the recommended plan for anyone who wants the regularity of care that is designed to transform their health.  Dr. Westaway is not currently accepting new membership based patients unless they are family members of already established patients.

2. Programs: Dr. Westaway sometimes runs programs that are sold as a complete package. These programs are set up to give you a lot of support and break things down step by step for you to accomplish a specific goal, such as improving fertility.

3.  Fee for Service:  For those of you who are already taking such fabulous care of yourselves that you really only need to come in a few times each year, this might be the model for you.  In this case, you pay a flat fee per visit depending on the time spent.  Most visits are 60 minutes, though initial visits are 90-120 minutes. Dr. Westaway is currently only taking new patients who are looking for support with fertility or preconception care.

4. Low Income Rate: For those of you who want support, but can't afford the monthly plan, a per visit discounted rate of $150/hour is offered.  Currently Dr. Westaway's low income patient slots are full.

5. Pro-bono: Dr. Westaway maintains a few spaces in her practice for those who simply cannot afford care, but are committed to the naturopathic model of health.  These spots are currently full.


Dr. Westaway is purposefully not contracted with insurance so that she can spend the amount of time with you that you deserve.  Transforming health takes time, education, and connection and we think you'll value that as much as we do.  Many patients are able to get some of their costs covered through their insurance anyway.  Dr. Westaway can order labs through most insurance plans.  You can also submit a super-bill (a fancy invoice) to your insurance company for re-imbursement.  If your insurance plan covers out of network naturopathic care, you'll get reimbursed for services at the out of network rate once you've met your out of network deductible for the year.  HSA plans can also typically be used to pay for care.  Please let us know if you have questions regarding this as every insurance plan is different and we know it can get a bit confusing at times.