Natural Fertility and Preconception Care

Every parent wants to ensure that they are taking the best care of their child. Dr. Westaway’s approach to pregnancy and fertility is built on this notion - she focuses on helping you make choices to optimize your health, your fertility, and the health of your family for generations.

Whether you are thinking about your future fertility, planning a pregnancy soon, or have been struggling to conceive, Dr. Westaway can help support you in your journey.

What Is Different About Her Approach

Conventional fertility treatment typically goes something like this: try to get pregnant for 6 months to 1 year and if that doesn’t work, start hormonal treatments and/or more invasive treatments like IVF. For some couples, given the cause of their fertility, IVF might be the only chance they have to get pregnant. The good news is that for MOST couples, there are a lot of other options. Here’s what’s different about Dr. Westaway’s approach to healthy conception:

  1. You do not need to wait to get started. In fact the sooner you start the better, even if you aren’t ready to start trying yet! This is because the health of the parents in the four months BEFORE getting pregnant actually has a big impact on the baby’s long term health. So Dr. Westaway LOVES working with couples who are trying to optimize their health before getting pregnant or at any stage of trying.

  2. Bodywork - Dr. Westaway is skilled in manual therapy (hands on treatments such as craniosacral) that are designed to restore proper alignment and motion of different organs and bones. This can significantly impact fertility and can help with proper alignment for an easier labor and birth.

  3. She looks deeper for what might be causing fertility issues. A conventional fertility work-up with labs and imaging can be very helpful in ruling out some big issues keeping people from getting pregnant AND there are many subtle contributing factors to infertility such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxicity, and stress. By investigating where your system is most stressed with regard to your fertility, it is much easier to find a solution.

  4. The plan that Dr. Westaway will recommend for you should leave you both healthier and happier with more energy and less stress. While conventional treatments generally work by overriding your body and forcing it do something, Dr. Westaway’s approach supports your body in doing what it was made to do.

  5. It can often avoid the need for IVF, which can be hard on the body and be quite costly.

  6. Her approach is always based on the idea that Healthy Parents —-> Health Pregnancies —-> Healthy families for generations. Really. For multiple generations. Research is demonstrating that parents’ health in the months before and during pregnancy has a big impact not only on the health of the child, but on the health of the grandchildren as well!

From the beginning, Dr. Erin’s care far surpassed my notions pertaining to the role of any medical professional. Over several years, I depended on her expertise for general health concerns, as well as her counsel from my initial attempts to conceive and through a miscarriage, at which point she provided support to a degree no one else in my life could. Following my move out-of-state, I looked to her for remote guidance through difficult elements of two pregnancies, one unplanned C-section, and one VBAC. She was subsequently available to provide postpartum advice for both infants and myself. I will always hold immense gratitude for Dr. Erin’s dedication to holistic health, alongside her forthright manner and dynamic kindness.
— Angela Jones (Bellingham, WA)