Dr. Westaway operates as a primary care physician from a naturopathic perspective.  We'll spend a significant amount time listening, getting to know your specific needs, and educating you on what it will take to get well.  You can expect to receive physical exams, lab work, nutritional, exercise, and other lifestyle counseling.  Herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, biofeedback, manual therapy, and counseling may all be a part of your treatment plan.  We want to address every aspect of your being from your individual biochemistry to your emotional-spiritual self.


Dr. Westaway enjoys looking at her patients as whole beings.  She will be interested not only in your current ailment, but in how your symptoms came to be and what they can tell us about your overall state of health.  While she often provides a conventional diagnosis, she is much more interested in the underlying physiological process that is at work and how to help you return to a place of balance.  This is a more complicated story that she will discuss with you through your treatment.  She will take a detailed history, order lab tests (some of which are the same ones an MD would order and some of which will be different) and do a detailed physical as is needed.

Nutritional Support

Dr. Westaway uses a combination of a detailed history, traditional naturopathic evaluation, and lab tests to help determine an individual nutritional plan that is designed to fit your individual body.  She does not believe there is one diet that fits all people, though there are general principals that she uses with all patients.  The goal is for you to learn how to feed yourself in a way that is nourishing and moves you toward greater health.

Lifestyle Counseling

How you breathe, sleep, move, think, and relate are all important contributing factors to your health.  Dr. Westaway will support you in learning to incorporate habits that will promote your overall health.


Hydrotherapy means water therapy.  Dr. Westaway often prescribes using water of different temperatures to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph through the body.  This helps speed the elimination of cellular waste and bring new nutrients to your vital organs or areas of injury to speed healing.  Many hydrotherapy treatment plans are simple and can be done in your own home for very little cost.

Manual Therapy - Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy

Sometimes there is a mechanical imbalance in the body that is getting in the way of healing.  This could have developed from an old injury, a time of trauma, an illness, a surgery, a car accident, or simply a postural imbalance.  Dr. Westaway uses very gentle soft tissue techniques to help the body return to a place of proper alignment and freedom of motion.  While this is obviously quite useful in relieving pain, it can also be an important part of addressing other health issues as well.


Biofeedback training is a process of developing greater awareness of our own physiological processes and ways of interacting with them.  Dr. Westaway uses a combination of postural observation, heart rate variability monitoring, manual biofeedback, guided imagery, and breath work to help patients discover tools to shift their own physiological state, which can have a profound impact on a number of conditions from headaches, to anxiety, to digestive problems.

Other Tools

When necessary, Dr. Westaway may prescribe herbs, vitamins, or homeopathic medications to support your healing process.