Dr. Erin Westaway

Erin Westaway is a naturopathic physician with a private practice in Seattle, WA, where she focuses on fertility, preconception care, and teaching parents how to grow healthy families. A portion of her practice is dedicated to primary care medicine for the whole family.

Dr. Westaway came to medicine through her love of learning, her fascination with the impeccable balance of nature, and her curiosity about the human condition.  She studied English literature at Bowdoin College and taught public school Arts and Humanities before returning to school to become a physician.  After graduating from Bastyr University, she completed a two year residency under Dr. Molly (Linton) Niedermeyer at one of the oldest naturopathic clinics in the country, where she continued to practice for several years.

It didn't take long in practice before she realized that education and deep listening was, more than anything she could prescribe, what would help her patients heal.  The more they understood about how to care for themselves, the deeper they looked into what worked and didn't work in their lives, the better results her patients had.

Prescribe Life Medicine was born out of a desire to create a medical practice that allowed enough time and support for deep change and transformation of health.  To accomplish this, Dr. Westaway draws on her extensive knowledge of physiology and biochemistry, her awe of human capacity, her love of story, and her first hand knowledge of dealing with chronic illness.  She lives what she teaches and she hopes you'll be inspired to find your own path to health.

In addition to her medical training, Dr. Westaway has extra training in nutrition, biofeedback, homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, herbal medicine, and counseling, and environmental medicine.

Dose of laughter for the day...

Dose of laughter for the day...