Put simply, we teach you how to create and maintain health.  Whether in prevention of illness or restoration of a sense of well-being, we want you to be as amazed as we are by our incredible capacity for self healing.


Our Mission

To provide health care designed to restore a sense of wellbeing through connection and education.  We work to creatively engage people from all backgrounds in the stewardship of their own health.  We teach the necessary fundamentals and downright joy of self healing.

One on One

Dr. Westaway's clinical practice is currently only accepting new patients who are seeking preconception or fertility care.  Working one on one with Dr. Westaway allows you to dive into the areas of your own self care where you need more direct support, fine tuning, or reframing.  We often "know" what to do, but struggle with how to enact it.  Dr. Westaway is here to be a support as you learn what your own needs are, what feeds you, and what throws you out of balance.  The work is yours and she's happy to help.  Dr. Westaway currently practices in Seattle, WA and consults with clients in person and over the phone.  If you would like schedule an appointment, please use the information on the "Contact" page.  For more information about the specific services Dr. Westaway can provide, please see the "Services" page. 

“You remind me of the possibility of healing, and you have spent this past year helping me find my path. I just want you to know that I seem to be back on it. The work of helping transform a life is holy. That’s the gift that you’re giving me.”
— Betsy D., Seattle, WA, Client of Dr. Westaway


There is a special kind of learning that happens in community when we bring our individual experience and wisdom to work for a common purpose.  Many people find these group experiences to be enriching in a way that is very different than working one on one.  They can be structured as intensive workshops from a couple of hours to one week or can be spread out with regular weekly gatherings depending on the needs of the group.  Dr. Westaway is currently available to lead workshops, retreats, or classes geared toward preconception care and fertility.